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Mountain View, Arkansas Truly IS the Folk Music Capital Of The World!

The grass roots, Mayberry feel of Mountain View, Arkansas is something you can’t ignore.

Music is woven into the fabric of this town and has been since it was founded in the late 1800’s. As playing at the courthouse square was popularized, more and more people began being attracted to the city.

In the 1960’s, the stage was built at the square for weekend performers and you can often find people from 3 to 93 cutting the rug on the court square lawn!

Even now, people from all over the United States spend their vacations here just to participate in the music.

It’s been said that by the time you hit your third visit, you come with a moving van!

Realizing that the children are the key to the future of its musical tradition, a program was begun in the 1990’s to continue that tradition.

The “Music Roots” program gets instruments into the hands of children who show an interest in playing folk music and provides them with in-school lessons.

The Music Roots program is sponsored by local committees and associations, The Mountain View School District and the Ozark Folk Center, where the children get to play in a show at the end of their school year.

Aside from the musicians, it’s fun to see children playing and dancing in the square while the music livens the air. They can often be found dancing with their parents, running around chasing siblings, or playing games on the courthouse lawn.


A Sample of the Music

Enjoy a little taste of what you can expect to find in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Ozark Folk Center
State Park

The Ozark Folk Center is where some of the Mountain View festivities are centered. Built in 1973, it showcases the traditions of the local people and houses important bands and festivals annually.

Bluegrass on the Square
Local Musicians

Here are some local musicians playing at The Picking Park in downtown Mountain View, Arkansas. Musicians of all ages can be found almost every day at the park playing.

Highway 36
Professional Bands

Mountain View often attracts professional bands as well as amateur musicians. Popular bands like Highway 36 often frequent the picking park to experience and participate in the fun.


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