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About Whitewater RV Park

Whitewater RV Park in Mountain View, Arkansas has been around for decades. Many campground friendships have been formed and solidified under the shade of our trees. It’s our understanding that there’s a whole generation of people who consider this their home away from home. We are looking to continue that tradition of campers turned into family!

Whitewater Travel Park Built

1965 ish?

Named after the creek that runs along side the property, Whitewater Travel Park is built and begins serving travelers to Mountain View, Arkansas

Arty and Ruth Become Owners


Under Arty and Ruth, many changes happened at Whitewater RV Park. More spaces were added and the current bathhouse was built as well as the current manager’s house.

Hendrix's Become Owners


The Hendrix’s bought the property and built the picking shed. Many more updates were done under their ownership. Ms. Pauline allowed many of the park visitors to really help with some of it’s construction and modernization with the addition of cable services and more rv sites.

Whitewater RV Park sold to the Wadleys!


After vacationing in Mountain View, Arkansas for over 20 years, they decided to start looking for a fixer upper RV park to make their own there. Once they found Whitewater RV Park, they knew she was the one for them! They closed on the property on September 30, 2019. Many updates were done before reopening in October 2019, but those were mostly upkeep issues. Renovations on the picking shed were begun in January. The Wadleys put a lot of love and time into the park.  

The Henderson family purchases Whitewater


Gier & Jennifer purchased the park in July 2022 from the Wadleys.  

Gier & Jenn have been coming to Mountain View together since 2008. Every chance they would get, they would come up for a relaxing weekend. They loved visiting the soda fountain, fishing at Mirror lake, swimming at Blanchard, and listening to music on the square (can't forget the icecream ) It has always been a magical place for them.

Gier also has family from Mountain View. His great grandparents, Charlie & Irene Gier, raised their children here. So, Gier has been familiar with the area since he was a child.

Gier & Jenn were married in the fall of 2012 out at Blanchard Springs amphitheater and recreational area. They had a breathtaking wedding in the mountains. 

Since having children, Mountain View has been their vacation destination/ weekend getaway. Still their magical place.

They have 3 daughters named Lily (9), Ivy (8), and Rainy (5). Mountain View is where they caught their first fish, ate their first fried green tomatoes, rode their first horse, and fell in love with Bluegrass music.

Gier & Jennifer have wanted to move to the area for a while, and are thrilled to finally have that opportunity.

They are looking forward to meeting everyone and they also hope to help others fall in love with this special and magical place.


About Mountain View, Arkansas

Mountain View, Arkansas is a unique place in this world. Even in this hustle, bustle modern world, it’s comforting to know that you can still go to a town as quaint as Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show! The folk music being played in and around the town square is the main attraction, but Mountain View also boasts world class trout fishing as well as kayaking, caverns, and plenty of camping and outdoor activities for families!


Music is what Mountain View, Arkansas is all about! The tradition of playing folk music began a long, long time ago, but the tradition remains. Whether you’re a musician hoping to play or just a person who loves to listen, bring your lawn chair and spend the whole day on the town square enjoying the locals.

Bring your instrument and find a circle to join. We’ve seen guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles, harmonicas, dobros, and all sorts of stringed instruments in town. There are several local restaurants within walking distance of the Picking Park, as well as an ice cream shop right on the corner! Come on out and see it for yourself!


If water sports are your thing, Mountain View, Arkansas is the place for you! The White River boasts world class trout fishing year round. In the spring, summer, and fall, you can often find people canoeing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, fishing and wading in creeks and streams.

Other nearby watering holes include Sylamore Creek (and its tributaries), Gunner Pool, Blanchard Springs Recreation Area, The Buffalo River, and Greer’s Ferry Lake. If you’re willing to take a short drive, you can plan a float trip on The Buffalo River, or a guided fishing trip on the White River.


We all need time to reconnect with nature! There are plenty of places to do that in Mountain View, Arkansas. Blanchard Springs Caverns offer 6 different tours, which also offers a nice reprive from the summer heat as well as spring and fall rains!

If you like to take walks, check out Mirror Lake Trail, Steel Falls Trail, or White River Bluff Trail. If you prefer exhilarating bike trails, check out Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail, specifically the Scrappy Mountain Loop. Motorcyclists enjoy making the loop around Mountain View to enjoy the natural beauty and like to come during our Mountains, Music and Motorcycles Rally in mid-August.


If you prefer to visit town when there’s something going on, Mountain View, Arkansas has plenty of festival weekends throughout the year. Our most famous one is Beanfest in the fourth weekend of October, which is home to the famous outhouse races! We also have festivals in the spring and fall, including our Spring Bluegrass Festival, Folk Festival, Iris Festival, and Fall Bluegrass Festival.

There are so many other things to do in Mountain View including a ropes course, an escape room, horseback riding, golf, disc golf. We’ve also found locals playing the corn hole game in town as musicians serenade in the background!

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